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Texas Payday Law: Get Paid for Your Work

Getting Paid for Work

The text below is reproduced from the Texas Workforce Commission.

Overview and introduction

TWC investigates wage claims under the Texas Payday Law, Chapter 61 of the Texas Labor Code.

Texas Payday Law covers all Texas business entities, regardless of size, except for public employers such as the federal government, the state or a political subdivision of the state.  All persons who perform a service for compensation are considered employees, except for close relatives and independent contractors.

Both employees and employers should be aware of the law so they will know their rights and responsibilities.

Payments subject to the Texas Payday Law

The kinds of payments subject to the Texas Payday Law include:

  • Compensation for services rendered regardless of how they are computed
  • Commissions and bonuses according to the agreement between the parties
  • Certain fringe benefits due under a written agreement with or policy of the employer

How to submit a wage claim under Texas Payday Law

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