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Employers' Guide to General Employment Law (Texas Young Lawyers Association)

Getting Paid for Work

Although it was written for employers, this handbook by the Texas Young Lawyers Association contains information about Texas employment law that employees may find useful.

Employment Law Basics for New Employers

In its introduction, the Texas Young Lawyers Association handbook Employment Law Basics for New Employers stresses that "every employer should be familiar with employment law."

If an employer does not comply with state and federal employment requirements, it risks civil or criminal liability. But the myriad state and federal statutes relating to the hiring, termination, and compensation of employees can be difficult for a new or first-time employer to identify and understand.

The handbook provides general guidance only and is current as of April 2011. Laws frequently change and the handbook is not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer. It covers topics ranging from:

  • Hiring one's first employees
  • Impermissible bases for making hiring decisions
  • Hours and pay
  • Treatment of employees
  • Resignations and terminations
  • Protecting your business
  • Liability for an employee’s acts
  • Required notices employers must post

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